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Preparing Your IT for Hurricanes in the Coastal Area - Part 2 - Executing Your Plan

Coastal Computer - Thursday, February 18, 2016

In Part 1 of this two part series, we talked about the basic elements of any IT preparedness plan for hurricanes or disaster scenarios. In this article, we’ll be looking at some important points to keep in mind when executing your plan.

Start Executing 72 hours Before the Storm

Plan to start 72 hours - three days in advance. This may sound extreme, and people often wonder when Governor of Georgia declares a state of emergency so far ahead of a storm. The most important point here is that an “abundance of caution” as the Governor described, is needed when approaching any disaster planning scenario.

An abundance of caution is needed because there is quite a bit of work to do preparing for a storm. This includes typical preparation, food, water, safety, and preparing your IT for when a storm hits.

When you complete your plan for IT disaster recovery, you’ll see that the steps themselves require time and they must be executed in the appropriate order so that all data and services can later be restored efficiently.

Don’t Lose Time By Waiting Until It’s Too Late

When you wait too long and try to complete all the procedures for backup and securing your equipment too soon before a storm arrives, you are likely to overlook something, you will increase your level of anxiety, and you may be distracted from protecting yourself, family, or other assets.

Executing 72 hours in advance also ensures that your business suffers minimal downtime throughout the course of a storm. First of all, because restoration will be smoother as mentioned when the process is taken in measured steps, second of all, because you will not have to cease all operations and dedicate your attention only to your IT tasks. By executing them in a measured fashion, you can continue to operate the other parts of your business while you steadily prepare your IT and computers for any hurricanes or tropical storms.

Continue Your Plan at 48 hours, and then 24 hours

Two days ahead of a storm, you should continue further in your IT preparedness plan. By breaking up the plan into stages at 72 hours, 48 hours, and 24 hours, you’ll have a clear set of tasks to complete and you can avoid taking all your IT offline in case the storm changes course or loses significant strength.

By starting your execution early and breaking it into stages, you won’t feel chagrined in case the weather forecast changes. And, in cases when the strength of the hurricane or storm path will be unknown overnight, you’ll rest easier knowing whatever the morning forecast is, your plan is underway.

Focus on What Matters Most

Throughout your IT hurricane preparedness procedures, remember that IT is important to business and also to some emergency efforts, however, it should not take precedence over immediate dangers or hazards.

By executing your plan in a well-timed fashion, you won’t be over-busy or distracted, you will be more aware of your immediate surroundings, and you will keep your focus on keeping yourself and your loved one’s safe and sound. When it comes time for execution, remember that however important the data is, it’s not worth your life or risking the safety of others. You should never attempt to execute your plan during a storm when the likelihood of danger is the greatest. Everything should be executed in a timely fashion ahead of time.

The team at Coastal is here to help you prepare your IT for hurricane season. We’ve helped local businesses and organizations craft well-thought out IT disaster recovery scenario plans and we can help you prepare your IT for when a storm strikes.